Extra Detail



The rollout lets you choose whether to simulate Fluid Mapping or Wavelet Turbulence as extra detail for lower resolution simulations.


All option are valid for Default Sim. mode.


Fluid Mapping - When this checkbox is active, an Extra Detail channel will automatically be added to exported channels, and will increase the simulation frame file size. Simulation times may increase for up to 20% and RAM usage will be roughly doubled for a given simulation.


RAM usage for rendering will be increased by (24*voxels) bytes.


Once simulated, you can use this mapping to greatly enhance fire and smoke rendering with 3D texture maps that appear to move along with the fire and smoke.


Latency/Frames - As Fluid Mapping, in fact XYZ world coordinates travel through the simulation grid, they become stretched in some places. As such, they must be regenerated periodically and reset to default world coordinates. Speed of that regeneration is defined by this spinner. Latency is expressed in frames. So you will want lower values for fast or curly motion, and higher values for slow or homogenous motion.


Wavelet Turbulence - When this option is selected, Default Sim. mode will precompute all necessary information required for Wavelet Simulation mode. Without this information computed and stored into Default Sim. caches, Wavelet mode will not be able to start simulation.