Playback Range

Play From - This value is an output files offset. For example, if you set it to 5, the output will start playing from the 5th computed frame of the simulation (the first 4 will be skipped).


Play To - This value defines output files end frame. If it is shorter than the number of all computed frames, all the remaining frames will be skipped.


Any set of output frames that are clipped with Play From and Play To define a segment.


Start Frame - FumeFX will not play output until 3ds Max's frame number reaches this value. Use this to synchronize a FumeFX segment within a 3ds Max animation.


Out-of-Range Types

These settings define the behavior of the animation before and after the segment. Click on the button to choose from the following list of types:


None - If this is chosen, no behavior information is selected.


Start Frame - This holds the first frame of the segment.


End Frame - This holds the last frame of the segment.


Cycle - This repeats the segment.


PingPong - This repeats the segment, first forward, then backward.