GPU Viewport



Enable GPU Viewport - This option will enable or disable the FumeFX GPU Viewport.


Quality - Determines the overall display quality. Keep in mind that high quality viewport display will require a faster graphic card.


Enable Shadows - This option has to be enabled in order for FumeFX to compute self shadows and shadows from FumeFX to objects in the scene.


Enable Geometry Occlusions - This option has a great impact on the overall look inside the viewport. If enabled, it will result in correct rendering, shadows and blending of FumeFX volumetrics and scene geometry. The downside is that it can be time consuming.


Auto Switch Viewport - When enabled, whenever you select any perspective viewport, the GPU Viewport Display will become active within it. Otherwise, the GPU viewport will activate only when FumeFX grid is re-selected.


Overlay Information - Allows you to overlay various information in the lower-bottom corner of the 3ds Max viewport.


Debug GPU - When a user has issues with the GPU mode, it is advisable to use the Debug GPU mode - there will be a lot of information written to the debug file. We can use this information to troubleshoot various issues.


Export Preview During Simulation - FumeFX has ability to create preview while simulating. It can output only .png image sequence.


Change Output Path - Allows you to select the output path for the preview file.