Video Tutorials



Essentials Part 1: Introduction and Overview


In this video tutorial we will go through the very FumeFX basics and cover topics such as:

- Voxels and Grid Spacing

- FumeFX Main UI

- Your first simulation

- Viewport display

- Adaptive grid and Boundless

- Working with caches

- Playback and Out-of-Range Types



Essentials Part 2: Simulation Basics


In this camp fire tutorial you will learn FumeFX simulation basics. We will cover topics such as:


- Object Source

- Using boundless simulation

- Shader adjustments for fire and smoke

- Time scale

- Wind force

- Wavelet Turbulence



Fire and Smoke Portal


In this tutorial we're going to show you how to create a portal effect that was inspired by the Avengers Infinity War movie portal that appears when Thanos arrives to Wakanda. The portal in that shot displays dark tendrils with small lightings that illuminate it. Instead of the bluish glow we went with the fiery look and simulation that has benefitted from more detail.


We're going to use FumeFX Effectors to control the smoke tendrils around the torus and for final rendering we will use the Arnold renderer. Scanline renderer scene is also provided.


You can download files from:



Billowing Smoke/Fire


This basic tutorial shows you how to setup a realistic billowing smoke that can be used for various effects ranging from  pyroclastic clouds to avalanches.


We'll show you a great new FumeFX 5.0.4 addition - the Parameter Check option that allows you to quickly spot which parameters were changed.


Conservative advection will make sure that the smoke keeps rolling and does not lose any mass during this 260 frames of animation.


We'll go through the simple and efficient Arnold Standard Volume shader setup that converts billowing smoke into a raging wall of fire that rushed towards the camera.


Download complete scene from:



Dry Ice


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a dry ice effect in a sci-fi environment by using the FumeFX 5.0.3.


We're going to use Particle Flow as a source and FumeFX Effector to control the gravity and dry ice layer thickness.  For final rendering we will use the Arnold renderer and show few rendering optimization tips.



Download complete scene from:



tyFlow Fluid Force


Explore with us the tyFlow's PhysX operators and learn how to use the FumeFX velocity field to carry maple leaves across the desert floor.


Download complete scene from: