Licensing - AfterFLICS



Each our plug-in comes with the Floating License Server at no extra cost. AfterFLICS makes it possible for computers attached to your network to share installed licenses.

However, most of the users will not take advantage of this feature as license(s) will be used locally.

If you are not going to share your license over the network then you should read the Local Authorization topic.


To become more familiar with AfterFLICS here is a brief description of terminology used in this help file.

- AfterFLICS Server: a computer that runs AfterFLICS and stores product licenses.

- Guest: a computers that does not have plug-in authorized locally. 'Guest' needs to connect to the 'Server' to retrieve license. If there is a license available it will be send back to the 'Guest'. If all licenses are currently in use user will be notified.



Whenever you need to alter AfterFLICS using AfterFLICS tools, or when installing and authorizing plug-in, you should have Administrator (root on Linux) privileges.



AfterFLICS for Windows will be automatically installed to the following path:

32 bit Windows:  [Windows Drive]:\Program Files\AFLICS

64 bit Windows:  [Windows Drive]:\Program Files(x86)\AFLICS

AfterFLICS for Linux will be installed to the following path:



Please do not try to move AfterFLICS to some other location or to delete files manually!