write voxel



This node can write values to the grid channels.





Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


Grid - Select available grid from the list. Any voxel simulation requires at least one of the nodes - FumeFX Simulation Ref or Initialize Grid node.


Input (Position) - If this pin is connected, then the node will read the interpolated voxel value at the input position (world coordinates), and output channel values. If you right click on this pin you can change its type to Int and the input will change to Input (Voxels).


Input (Voxel) - If this pin is connected, then the node will read voxel value and output channel values. This method is much faster than the Position mode.


Enable <Channel> - Enable of disable channel.


<Channel> Type - Defines how values will be applied to the voxel.

  • Set - Sets the voxel value.
  • Add - Adds value to the voxel.
  • Blend - Blends input value with the voxel value.


<Channel> - Value to set/add to the channel.


Enable Pressure - This option enables direct pressure addition to the simulation and it`s available for emission from Particle and Shape Volume. Positive values will cause volume expansion while negative values will cause the suction effect.


Pressure - Amount of pressure to add to the simulation. Too high values can cause instabilities and significantly slow down simulation. This option is not available for all Source Types.