spline to shape



This node will convert a spline shape into the particle shape by placing a skin based on another 2D shape. New shape will be divided in segments by the spline knots location.





Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


#Splines - Connect any number of splines (from particle to spline node) to this pin.


Shape Particle Group - Once the geometry is created it will be assigned to a new particle as a particle shape. Select the particle group for the new particle from the list.


Seed - Random number generator seed value.



Shape Type - Defines the shape that will be used to skin the spline.

  • Simple - A simple shape will be used for a skin.
  • Custom - Pick any 2D shape for spline skin.


Size - Defines the number of sides for a simple shape.


Custom Shape - Select any 2D shape from the scene to be used for the spline skin.


Segments - Allows you to refine the custom shape shape.


Optimize - The shape can be optimized based on the spline curvature regardless on the number of spline knots. For example, a straight line would only need the first and the last knot.


Threshold - The spline curve tangent angle difference that will be considered as a threshold that will trigger a new segment.


Cap Start - Adds the cap at the spline start.


Cap End - Adds the cap at the spline end.


Smooth Sides - Sets the spline skin smooth flags.



Radius Scale - Skin radius is defined at the spline knot. Use this parameters to scale up or down the overall skin radius.


Radius Scale Var % - Radius Scale variation by spline.


Rotate - Sets uniform skin rotation.


Rotate Var % - Rotation variation along the spline.


Twist - Adds continuous skin rotation along the spline.


Twist Var % - Twist variation by spline.


Squash - Squash skin shape


Squash Var % - Squash variation by spline.


Material ID

From Particle - Whole shape will inherit material ID from the first particle that created the spline.


Cap Material ID - Material ID for the caps.


Sides Material ID - Material ID for the skin sides.


UV Mapping

Scale U - The scaling factor the U coordinate.


Scale U Var % - Scale U variation by spline.


Scale V - The scaling factor the V coordinate.


Scale V Var % - Scale V variation by spline.


Offset U - The offset for the U coordinate.


Offset U Var % - U coordinate offset variation by spline.


Offset V - The offset for the V coordinate.


Offset V Var % - V coordinate offset variation by spline.