spawn gen



This generator will create particle as location of another particle or custom location.





#Particle Stream - This pin requires a particle stream to be connected.


#Position - If this pin is connected then this position will be used as a point of new particle spawn.


#Pass1 - This pin allows you to pass through values directly to the Pass1 output pin.


#Pass2 - This pin allows you to pass through values directly to the Pass2 output pin.


Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


Particle Group - Generated particles will belong to this this group.


Cluster By - Each particle is automatically assigned to a cluster. There are several options how you can group particles into clusters.

  • Constant - All particles that this node creates are assigned to the same unique cluster group.
  • Simulation Frame - Only particles that are created on the same frame are assigned to th same unique cluster group.
  • Inherit (prt) - Cluster group will be inherited from the input particle.
  • Particle - Each particle is assigned to its own unique cluster group.


Spawn Type - There are two options how particles will be spawned.

  • Per Frame - Particles will be generated on a frame basis as defined by the Birth Rate.
  • Travel Distance - Particles will be generated when they reach user defined travel distance. Once generated, the distance will be reset and the cycle will repeat.


Birth Rate - Number of particles that will be generated at each frame.


Quantity - Number of particles that will be created.


Delete Parent - As soon as particle has been spawned, a parent particle will be deleted.




Birth Age - Initial particle age of the spawned particle.


Life Span - Particle life span in frames. Particles that are older than its lifespan will be automatically deleted.


Life Span Var % - Life Span variation.


Speed units/s - Particle speed in current 3ds max units per second.


Speed Var % - Particle speed variation.


Position Jitter - Particle position will be jittered around the input position.


Direction - Particle initial travel direction.


Direction Var Min - Minimum direction variation angle in degrees.


Direction Var Max - Maximum  direction variation angle in degrees.


Size - Particle size.


Size Var - Particle size variation.


Density - Particle density. Particle mass is computed from particle size and density so that bigger particles will have bigger mass.


Density Var % - Density variation.


Color - Set particle color.


Seed - Random number generator seed. Change this value to get different pattern.





Particle Stream - Generated particle stream.


Particle # - Generated particle index. It goes from to Total#-1.


Total # - Total number of particles that will be generated at current frame.


#Pass1 - Value from the Pass1 input pin.


#Pass2 - Value from the Pass2 input pin.