shape copy



This node lets you copy shape from another particle group. If there is more than one particle inside the group, a random shape will be copied. Instanced shapes will remain instances only for the Simple mode.





#Particle Stream - This pin requires a particle stream to be connected.


Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


Source Particle Group - Source particle group from which shapes will be copied.


Type - This option lets you define particle shape copy method as well as shape and particle position transformation. Additional options are useful for shapes such as spline meshes or cloth which are in world coordinates. Their particle transformation matrix doesn`t affect the cloth transformation,s o if you want to copy such shapes, their vertices has to be transformed to a new position.

  • Simple Copy - A simple shape copy. No vertices or transformation will be altered. Instances will remain instances.
  • Current Position - Shape will be copied and placed at its current position while particle position will remain the same.
  • Move Particle - Particle will be moved to the current shape centroid position.
  • Move Shape - Copied shape will be moved to particle position.


Seed - A random number generator seed value.