particle to spline



This node will connect input particles into a spline shape.





#Particle Stream - This pin requires a particle stream to be connected for Trail, Neighbours and Cluster types.


Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


Save To Cache - Enables splines saving to cache.




Type - This option lets user to choose how particles are going to be organized into spline shapes. There are four available options:

  • Trail - This option follows the motion of each particle on the input. Each particle trajectory forms one spline shape.
  • Neighbours - Lets you connect particle with its neighbours. Connections are re-created on each frame.
  • Fibers - Each fiber will become one spline shape.
  • Cluster - Particles within the same cluster group will form once spline.


Smooth Spline - This will create a smooth spline instead of linear.


Segments - Refinement steps for the smooth spline.


Knot Radius - Knot radius is used later during the spline shape meshing.


Spline Color - Defines a color for each spline. This color can be used from within Arnold shaders by using the User Data RGB Arnold Map and setting fxp_color for Attribute. Also make sure to enable Color export from the NodeWorks menu.




Trail Properties

Min Knot Distance - Use this parameter to avoid very closely spaced spline knots.


Trail Mode - There are two trail modes.

  • Continuous - Once the splines reaches its Maximum Length, it will continue to evolve.
  • Stop - Once the splines reaches its Maximum Length, it will stop.


Maximum Length - Maximum length of the spline.


Maximum Length - Maximum length variation.


Remove When Deleted - Removes the spline when particle is deleted.



Neighbors Properties

Count - Maximum neighbours count.


Search Radius - Only particles within this radius will be searched for.


Fibers Properties

Merge Fibers - Enable this option to merge individual fibers into one continuous fiber, such as rope.




Enable Display - Enable fibers and knots display.


Display Reduce - Reduce the number of linear knots to display.


Show Knots - Display spline knots.


Knot Color - Set knot color for display.


Show Radius - Display knot radius.