This node allows user to inflate the inflatable softbody.





Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


#Fiber Stream - This pin requires a fiber stream to be connected.




Change Volume - Allows this node to affect the inflatable softbody volume.


Type - Volume can be inflated in two ways as Active Pressure and User Controlled.


Active Pressure - This is an automated method to inflate and uses two additional parameters.


Fiber Group - A fiber group used for Active Pressure. Algorithm will look into this group to find the ratio of active and inactive fibers.


Pressure Threshold - Pressure Fibers whose value is above this threshold will cause object to inflate.


Final Volume Scale - Maximum volume scale at the end of inflation.




Change Pressure - Allows this node to affect the Pressure Fibers.


Rate Change % - A rate at which the Pressure Fiber strength will be restored to value defined by Final Pressure Scale.


Final Pressure Stiffness - Maximum pressure stiffness for the Pressure Fiber.




Change Buoyancy - Allows this node to affect the object buoyancy.


Buoyancy - Use this value to determine if inflatable softbody will float in the air.