import shape



This generator will take scene object, create particle and copy object`s mesh to the particle shape. This is the way to import scene objects into the simulation. Multiple objects will result in multiple particle on the output.


Note: Particle generator output pins and data are available only when the particle is created. To access particles continuously, use the get particle group node.





Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


Particle Group - Generated particles will belong to this this group.




Objects by RegEx - You can use regex (regular expressions) to select objects in the scene. This is a very powerful tool to automatize the process.


Objects - List of objects that you want to use. Double click on object name to remove it from the list or use Remove button. You can select multiple objects.


Hide Object - When enabled, the original object in the scene will be automatically hidden.


Hide/Unhide- Click on this button to hide or unhide Objects on the list




Inherit Mesh - New particle will copy the object`s mesh to its shape.


Inherit Velocity - New particle inherit object`s velocity.


Inherit Spin ??? If an object is rotating during the import process, the newly generated particle will inherit its rotational motion..


Set Mass - Sets a mass of a new object. Mass is calculated from object`s volume and user defined density.


Density - Object density.




Particle Stream - Generated particle stream.


Object - Object that particle was created from.


Object Index - Index of the object in the list.


Object Name - Object name.