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This node uses directs particle towards its target position by combining various forces.





#Particle Stream - This pin requires a particle stream to be connected. Connection is usually not required if any of the attributes is connected.


Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


#Position - This is the particle`s target position.


Tolerance - This is the maximum particle distance from the target where the node will assume that particle has arrived at the target. Once the particle arrives, it will be placed directly on the target position. If this parameter is very large this will result in sudden particle position change.



Towards Target

This force is applied in the direction towards the target position.


Acceleration % - Maximum acceleration that particle can apply to reach the destination.


Max Velocity - Particle cannot travel faster than this value.


Max Velocity Var % - Use this variation if you want particles to have different maximum velocity.




This force is applied to the velocity component that causes particle to orbit around that target.


Use Deceleration - When this option is enabled particle will be able to slow down before settling on the target.


Falloff Type - Determines deceleration force falloff within the deceleration distance. With linear and exponential force increases at particle approaches the target position.


Distance - Particles within this distance from the target will start to decelerate.


Deceleration % - Amount of deceleration applied to the component of the particle velocity that point away from the target. Higher values will make particle to arrive at the target on a linear path.





On Target - Value will be set to true (1) when particle reaches the target.