get particle group



This node will go through all the particles that are included in the specified groups and set output pins accordingly for each of the particles in the particle stream.





Enabled - Enable or disable node evaluation.


Part Group - Select particle group you want to access.


Filter By RegEx - You can use regular expression to include particle groups in the output.


Particle Filter - An additional filter that allows you to easily filter particles that are newly created or the ones that have just entered into a new particle group.





Particle Stream - Outputs a stream of particles.


Part Group - Particle group.


Cluster - Particle cluster.


PCount - A total number of particles that will be sent to the output.


Position - Particle position in world coordinates.


Speed - Particle speed (the length of the Velocity vector).


Velocity - Particle velocity in world coordinates.


Age - Particle age.


Life - Particle lifespan.


Scale - Particle shape scale along x,y,z axis.


Mass - Particle mass.


Color - Particle color.


MtlID - Particle Material ID.


Seed - Particle seed.


Travel Dist - Distance that particle has traveled since its creation.


Orientation - Particle orientation matrix.


TM - Particle transformation matrix.


SA Name - If particle has animation, this will output animation name.


SA Percentage - Current shape animation playback percentage. Values over 100% indicated that animation is looped.


Channel 1 - Custom channel value (if created).