Wavelet Turbulence




Allows user to use different simulation range for Wavelet Turbulence. If used, the simulation range is defined with Start Frame and End Frame parameters.


Wavelet Options

Grid Detail Scale - Value of 1.0 would mean that Wavelet Turbulence grid spacing is the same as Spacing used in Default Sim. Increasing this value will create grid with proportionally lower Spacing resulting in more detail. Wavelet Turbulence Simulation requires less memory and computes faster than the Default simulation using equivalent Grid Spacing.





Default Sim.

Grid Scale: 2.0

Grid Scale: 3.0


Strength - Controls how much of Wavelet Turbulence detail will be added. Very high values might result in visible artifacts. This parameter depends on grid proportions, in a similar way as does gravity, wind strength etc. Strength of 2.0 is suitable for grid that is 100 units long, but for grid that is 1000 units long, Strength would have to be increased to 20 to achieve the same effect.





Strength: 1.0

Strength: 2.0

Strength: 4.0



Threshold - Determines locations where additional detail will be added. Increase threshold to reduce number of locations.





Threshold: 1.0

Threshold: 2.0

Threshold: 3.0


Exclude Channel - Allows you to exclude Velocity channel from the Wavelet output, without the need to alter Exported Channels options.


Time Scale - It is possible to retime caches during the Wavelet Turbulence simulation. To avoid smoke and fire smoothing when using small time scale values, make sure to compensate it with higher Grid Detail Scale.


Save Sub Frames - It will save simulation sub-step caches.