Through this menu option user can change simulation parameters.



Switch to Sim Only Mode - Select this option if you want to switch from full version of FumeFX to SL version. After this option is changed, FumeFX requires 3ds max or scene to be closed and re-opened.


Simulation Steps - Determines the number of simulation steps. In order to achieve stable and more realistic cloth and softbody simulation, user will need to increase the number of simulation steps.


Simulation Start/End Time - With Animation Range Start selected the simulation computation will start at the 3ds max animation range start. User Defined option allows user to choose custom animation start time.


Autoupdate On Change - If this option is enabled then any parameter changes in the node editor will result in recalculation. For very complex simulation it might take a long time to finish the simulation and there are two options if user has to change many parameters or add new nodes and does not want to wait each time. One option is to disable this option while another option is to move time slider to the time defined with Simulation Start Time.


Simulation Threads - Determines the number of threads used for calculations. A value of zero means that system will use all available cores.


Max Particles - Determines to top limit for number of particles that can exist in the system.