Render Elements



Beyond standard rendering, FumeFX also supports 3ds Max`s built-in Render Elements functionality.


Note: The FusionWorks render elements are ONLY compatible with the 3ds Max scanline renderer and are not available when rendering using mental ray.


There are four available Render Element options for FumeFX: FumeFX Smoke, FumeFX: Fire, FusionWorks Z Depth and FusionWorks Velocity passes. The first two export the simulated Smoke and Fire channels into separate passes. If there is more than one instance of FumeFX within the scene, their results will be blended into a single result. So ALL of the FumeFX Smoke effects would go onto a single layer, etc.


FumeFX Smoke Render Element has following parameters;



Diff+Illum - The complete smoke color (Diffuse with Illumination).

Diffuse - It will output only the diffuse color of the smoke

Illumination - Illumination only


To learn how to properly blend those colors, please browse the FumeFX Examples folder and look for "RenderElements_comp.psd" file.




The FusionWorks Z Depth Render Element does have Min. and Max. spinners so that the user can input the scene depth that FumeFX should calculate its pass on.


The FusionWorks Velocity Render Element will output 2D image velocity to colors where a value of 127 (50% gray) represents 0 velocity. Values less than 127 represent negative velocity and values greater than 127 positive velocity. Red channel stands for X velocity and green channel for Y velocity.


Note: In order to use the Velocity Render Element you will need to export the Velocity channel from the FumeFX simulation. Also ensure that the FusionWorks renderer is set up to generate the Image Motion Blur channel. Without that setting active, you will get only a pure gray screen.