Particle Generators



Nodes within this group are designed to generate particles. Particles can be generated on object surface, inside volumes, on spline curves, imported from .prt cache files, spawned on position of other particles and many other possibilities. Thanks to modular node-based design an artist can define own rules where particles will be be generated.


Seed and AutoSeed are two most common generator nodes parameters. While the Seed parameter is familiar to anyone using particles, the AutoSeed is addition to the NodeWorks nodes. It is enabled by default and it guarantees that each node of the same type will generate different particle pattern.


On two images below we have two Simple Gen nodes with identical parameters. The first image has AutoSeed disabled which forces all Simple Gen nodes to create exactly the same patterns. Also, all generated particles will behave the same if you assign the random velocity to them.


AutoSeed disabled


AutoSeed enabled