FFX Particle Skin



This modifier allows users to deform object`s surface by using the NodeWorks particles. Deformation is done on the vertex level where user defined number of particles are be used to offset the vertex position.




NodeWorks Group Regex - Type NodeWorks particle group name(s) that you want to be used for surface deformation. All particle groups are used by default.


Reset ??? Resets the calculation.


Start ??? Modifier will be calculated from the Start frame.


End ??? Modifier will be calculated until the End frame.


Falloff Start ??? Distance at which particles influence will start to fade.


Falloff End ??? Distance at which particles influence will become zero.


Max. Count ??? Specify maximum number of particles that will affect the vertex position. Higher count and falloff values will result in smoother surface and softer deformation.


One Particle Min. ??? Enable this option if there are vertices that are not influenced by any particle. In this case the closest particle will be used to affect the vertex position.