Load Preset - This opens a list of saved presets. After selecting one, you will be prompted to choose which parameter groups (corresponding to FumeFX floater rollouts) to load.


Save Preset - Use this tool button to save all parameter settings from the General, Simulation, Rendering, and Illumination tabs. The settings are saved to a file with your choice of file name and the extension .fxp; this file is saved in the folder where FumeFX is installed, for example "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\Plugins\AfterWorks\FumeFX\".


Notice that, although you may have adjusted settings for various shaders, only the settings for the currently selected shader will be saved.


Set Initial State File - Using this option you can select file that will be used to start the simulation when using "Initial State" Sim. Mode (works in BackBurner mode as well). You can choose .fxd, .vdb, .f3d and .fdc file types for Initial State. Notice that you can only start from the Default cache types and not Wavelet.


Save Current State - After a Default simulation is stopped or finished, data is left in memory and can be saved to a disk in a form of a .fdc file. In order to use this capability, uncheck Clear RAM After Simulation option within the FumeFX Preferences first. Once done, this option will be enabled.


Match Grid In File - Each time you open the File menu, FumeFX checks to see if an output cache exists and whether the FumeFX grid dimensions are identical. If the dimensions are different, this menu option is enabled and you can easily match your current FumeFX grid to the one stored inside the cache file. This option will always check grid sizes for Default cache, regardless if Wavelet caches are selected.


Reassign f3d/VDB Channels - Allows you to assign channels from Field3D or OpenVDB cache to appropriate FumeFX channels. This option is available only for 3rd party Field3D/OpenVDB caches. Native FumeFX .f3d or .vdb channels are assigned automatically.


Channels that are found inside the selected cache file are listed on the left side of the dialog.

User should assign appropriate FumeFX channel listed on the right side of the dialog.

Channel assignment will be saved inside the 3ds max scene file.




Parameter Check - It will open a dialog that will list parameters and values that were changed from their defaults. It`s a great tool to help you see what parameters have been changed.


Description - Allows you to add comments to each FumeFX grid.