Customize Editor




User interface functionality can be adjusted to user preferences.


Show All Pins - When enabled, all the nodes user create will display all their pins.


Highlight Links - Highlights all connections for the currently selected node.


Show Pin Tooltip - Displays pin tooltips (if present) when mouse hovers over the pin name.


Show parameter Tooltip - Displays parameter tooltips (if present) when mouse hovers over the parameter.


Highlight Required Pins - Highlights those pins that must to be connected for node to operate.


Display Grid - Displays the node editor grid.


Grid Size - Distance between the grid lines.


Use Drag Snapping - Enables node snapping to a user defined snapping grid (diffferent from display grid).


Snap  Size - Distance between the snapping grid lines.


Show Node About - Some nodes have additional About rollout and you can hide them by disabling this option..


Use Node Alpha - Displays nodes with transparency.


Alpha Value % - Node transparency.


Reset Node Names - Each node can have a user defined name. Clicking this button will revert all node names to their default.


Node Comment Use % - Comment nodes have text area width defined in pixels by default. You can change this to be in percentages by default, depending on your commenting preferences.


Width % - Default comment node text area width as percentage of the comment node width.



GUI Font - User can change default font for the user interface.


Font Scale % - Scale the font size. Useful if your Windows font is scaled.