Released on 06.December.2022


New or Improved Features

- Voronoi node added fragments scaling along x,y,z axis which is useful for creating wooden splinters.

- Tear node added options to control tear along the particles cluster edges.

- Read Voxel node added velocity field curl output pin.

- Create Fibers node added plasticity option.

- PhysX results added display of collision pairs in node header.

- FumeFX Toolbar play/stop/cancel buttons to cache/stop selected NodeWorks.

- Custom Display node added option to skip point display for a vector.

- Middle mouse button is now zoom by default. This can be changed in Customize Editor.

- FumeFX Wavelet Turbulence simulation to be able to continue from an .fxd cache well.

- FumeFX Simulation Info add node name to the title bar.

- FumeFX Vorticity Strength limit is set to 4.0 with a warning that values above 1 might cause issues.


Bug Fixes

- Vorticity I didn't work properly.

- Changing Display Custom node params restarted simulation while it shouldn't.

- Voronoi Shatter header particle input pin was not automatically connected and was not set as a required pin.

- Fiber Group node didn't output fiber group properly.





Released on 21.November.2022


New or Improved Features

- New Shape Modifiers node group for nodes that change shape like Voronoi Shatter, Extrude, Displace etc.

- New Element Shatter node that will extract elements from particle shape and generate new particles by using various activation modes.

- New Shape Merge node that combines all shapes from one particle group into a new shape.

- Voronoi Shatter node surface point generation added option to work on selected faces only.

- Voronoi Shatter node added Number of Clusters parameter and moved Number of Points parameter to Point Distribution rollout.

- Voronoi Shatter node added points gen seed.

- Voronoi Shatter node for particle group type added ability to use those as center for uniform, normal and concentric.

- Voronoi Shatter node fragments added smoothing option for capped faces.

- Voronoi Shatter node added Particle Group option as Cluster Center for Location Type Surface and Point Cloud.

- Face Shatter and Voronoi Shatter added two pass through pins that will allow users to directly pass values from input to output.

- Face Shatter and Voronoi Shatter nodes added Parent particle output pin.

- Grid Source node can now use 3ds max object as FumeFX sources.

- Grid Source node added ability to add pressure for shape and geom. source.

- FumeFX Geom Source added option to emit only from faces with certain Material ID, like NodeWorks Sources.

- Changes to the Tessellate node. See documentation for details.

- Displace node added option to apply to selected faces only.

- Tessellate node added face center mode in addition to the edge mode.

- NodeWorks mesh display added option to display selected faces.

- Added Pin connection by Click-Drag-Click in addition to Click-Hold&Drag-Release.

- Replaced +/- buttons for input spinner controls with up/down arrows.

- Added Physx Impulse output to PhysX Results node.

- Added All Events option to the PhysX Results node

- Arnold points will now use one material from first point-particle for point rendering of all other point-particles.


Bug Fixes

- Error with Voronoi Shatter on thin objects like glass.

- Particle Shape adjust pivot does not work unless center pivot is enabled (for non-animated meshed only).

- Global Get/Set Attribute node crash.

- Black screen area appeared when resizing window.

- Displace node didn't pass proper UV coords to the map evaluation.

- Voronoi Shatter fragments - some vertices were not welded properly.

- FumeFX opens closed NodeWorks when FumeFX sim was started.

- Undo/redo system bug for strings.

- Undo system didn't work on datatype for Global Attr Set node.

- Voronoi Shatter Point Cloud/Particle had wrong particle position and point cloud was at wrong location.

- Tab key can skip control when calculation is in progress.

- PhysX static/kinematic partices didn't show up in PhysX Results node.

- Physx Joints can crash.

- Clicking on node up/down arrows or enable/disable button to automatically select that node and display attributes.

- If control loses focus right after undo, its value will be set as undo operation never occurred.

- Node is automatically opened when user starts dragging link from pins.

- Errors when editing Comment node while editor is set to cache mode.





Released on 09.November.2022


New or Improved Features

- Added Voronoi Shattering node for shape fragmentation based on the Voronoi diagram.

- Face Shatter node optimizations and speed increase which is now 10% - 50% faster depending on the scene and computer configuration.

- Face Shatter added Density and Seed options.

- Face Shatter added options to select top, bottom and side shattered faces.

- Added Particle Advect node to simplify particle advection and speed up particle group advection by voxel grid.

- Location Object node added Material ID option for Faces location type.

- Arnold Properties node added option to render motion blur based on particle velocity.

- Added Seed parameter to the Spin node.

- Read Voxel node added output flags for source and object voxels.

- Math and Compare node can now be inserted into an existing link.

- Added Viewport Display node for per-particle viewport display control.

- FumeFX Playback range - add checkbox "Same as Recording".

- FumeFX Objects/Source list added right click option to remove all obj/sources/forces from the list.

- Geom Source added custom direction vector and a map for emission.

- FumeFX Collision/Source list added option to pick selected objects/sources.

- Simple Source added texmaps for all three velocities

- Simple Source UI cleanup.


Bug Fixes

- NodeWorks can crash in certain situations when object is deleted from the scene.

- Voxel related nodes velocities were wrong if grid is rotated.

- Progress bar can stop updating when simulating through remote desktop.

- NodeWorks Window position not saved correctly if its position is (-1, -1).

- Copy and Paste nodes can set wrong pin types.

- Get Group with RegEx might skip particle group.

- Picking tyFlow from particle and geom source now won't display events dialog anymore.

- tyCache object picking was broken for particle and geom source.





Released on 25.October.2022


New or Improved Features

- Added Bend node that can apply bend deformation to particle shape.

- Added Camera node to test whether point is visible inside the camera field of view.

- Added Vector Perturb node to add random perturbations to the vector.

- Face Shatter - added checkboxes for setting material IDs. If unchecked, it will copy material IDs from input shape.

- Added option to display geometry as bounding box and bounding pyramid.


Bug Fixes

- Enable or disable node didn't trigger simulation update.

- Texmap node - click on texmap button and 3ds max crashes.

- Particle travel distance was not correct with more than one simulation steps.

- Memory leak during caches loading.

- Ctrl + mouse click (reset to default) values were wrong when pin type has been previously changed (int/float).

- Random node - convert output pin from int to float [+] caused huge value increment.





Released on 13.October.2022


New or Improved Features

- Added Speed node to quickly change particle speed but keep direction.

- Shape animation system overhaul. Now it uses less memory, it's faster and more robust.

- Particle Shape node now have per-object animation parameters.

- Particle Shape node can now have different animations in separated shapes - added Join Animations option.

- With animated shapes, Particle Shape node had to be connected to get group node to update animation each frame. Now it doesn't.

- Added Material ID to the Particle Shape node.

- Added checkbox Inherit Particle Velocity to the Cloth node.


Bug Fixes

- Cloning of Particle Shape node had several small issues.

- Curve remap node didn't auto resize inner grid properly.

- Node pin and text layout didn't display correctly in some cases.

- If user types parameter value and node loses focus then the value won't be set.

- When custom channel is renamed to a very long name then node layout will be broken.

- Automatic focus set to the animation name when new animation is added.

- Load cache - wrong motion blur due to vertices sub-frame interpolation at frame when shape turns into cloth.

- Animation Offset not working properly on the first frame in range.

- Shape animation node offset was applied to all sub animations but should be only to the first one.





Released on 04.October.2022


New or Improved Features

- Over 3x speedup of mesh creation for viewport and rendering. This is noticeable in scene with many instances like scattering grass etc.

- FumeFX Simulation Ref. node added ability to type in FumeFX name without picking to avoid potential circular references.

- Swarm node - attraction and repulsion are changed now to be more realistic. You will need to increase both in old scenes (tenfold or more).

- Added Position node with options - Set, Add.

- Added Scale node with options - Set, Add, Multiply.

- Mass node added options - Set, Add, Multiply.

- Do not display particles and shapes in viewport that have Arnold camera visibility disabled.

- Lerp and Random NOP input type Float3 to allow user to select as a color.

- Lerp node added Input Scale and Offset.

- Added pivot adjust option to Particle Shape node.

- Added Material ID to Particle Shape node.

- Input A/B pins in Lerp nodes are now animatable.

- Instanced shapes with Arnold now use Material ID from particle and assign shader from Multi -Sub object material to that instance.

- Added to Read Voxel with input Position connected to have output Voxel pin enabled.


Bug Fixes

- NodeWorks window can hang in cursor clipping mode

- Load Particle Caches and Load Grid didn't properly update during caching with Single Frame option enabled.

- FumeFX viewport display shows grid flags even when there are none.

- Data type on Random node min and max pins not changed in pair.

- FumeFX Crash on simulation with Load Grid node.

- Read Voxel node didn't set outputs to 0.0 if the input position was outside of the grid.

- Spin node - Spin Offset value bug with simulation sub steps.

- Add circular dependency test for cloth when input particle group is the same as output particle group.

- Write Voxel node reported wrong outside pin state for boundary voxels.





Released on 26.September.2022


New or Improved Features

- Face Shatter added motion blur support with changing topology using Arnold renderer.

- Added FumeFX grid expansion based on pressure (from burning and from sources).

- Added Velocity Threshold option to FumeFX adaptive grid.

- FumeFX added min and max display ranges and colors for Fuel, Fire, Smoke, Oxygen for easier values visualization.

- FumeFX added Extra Padding option to the Simulation Area parameters.

- FumeFX added Allow Shrinking option to the Simulation Area parameters. If disabled the grid won't shrink.

- Added memory optimization for cloth and isurf motion blur with Arnold.

- Object Test node added option for a quick test - Inside Bounding Box.


Bug Fixes

- Simulation caching continues even when no cache file is created.

- Simulation caching can skip some frames.

- In some cases Grid Init node did not initialize grid correctly.

- Start of FumeFX retimer doesn't close node editor window.

- Write Voxel node can crash in some cases.

- Save particle Cache node doesn't cache first frame in the range.

- Grid Source Directional Velocity was applied even with Enable Velocities was disabled.





Released on 21.September.2022


New or Improved Features

- Added new Swarm node for simulating collective behavior.

- Added Falloff node.

- Added Global Attribute node so that user can create global constants (bool, int, float, vector) to be used in any tab and by any node.

- Grid Sources node added ability to create additional pressure within the FumeFX system.

- Grid Sources added enable checkbox for all channels for easier switching on/off through other nodes.

- Grid Sources node added texture map evaluation for Particle mode.

- Grid Sources node added proper sub-frame stepping for smooth particle trails (works only for Particle mode).

- Write Voxel node significant speedup.

- Write Voxel node added pressure option.

- Write Voxel node added enable checkbox for channels for easier switching on/off through other nodes.

- Particle Shape Animation added "Cache Once" option that will keep the same caches even when simulation restarts.

- Workspace caching - added button to select/deselect all attributes.

- Select/deselect all for multiple checkboxes in GUI.

- Object Test node added face Material ID output pin.

- Object Test node added triangle area output pin.

- Added enable/disable caching particle seed value.

- When FumeFX simulation is running, automatically close the NodeWorks editor window as it can slow down the simulation.


Bug Fixes

- Particle random seed bug causes randomization issues.

- Face Shatter Top Material ID for fragments should always be visible even if Extrude is disabled.

- When texture map is removed from the node, after scene save/load it's back where it was.

- Write Voxel might not be working properly with FumeFX simulation substeps.

- Load particle caches with custom channels didn't work.

- Grid Sources node - Normal Velocity should be disabled when using particle emission from shape..

- When new Workspace is created by menu it is not immediately set as active.

- Simulation crash if there was very low voxel count and many threads.

- Math operator integer connection bug.

- Small bug while reading caches.





Released on 08.September.2022


New or Improved Features

- Face Shatter node Activation Type now can be both position and particle group (requires old scenes to be updated manually).

- Face Shatter speed optimizations - up to 30x faster now.

- Face Shatter node - Source Shape Remove Depth % is now independent from the Bottom Offset value.

- Add Workspace Caching path to Simulation Info node output pin.

- Display the sub-material name below each Material ID control for easier navigation through material setup.

- Particle to Spline node (Trail mode) add option to delete spline when particle is deleted.

- Display Attributes node add option to visualize custom channels.

- Texmap node added second texmap for evaluation and its outputs.

- Workspace list box added "Add Workspace" option.

- Add Nodes using Voxel Grid to automatically select grid on creation (if only one load/create grid is present).

- Nodes using Voxel Grid to display grid name inside the node header.

- Added Out-Of-Range controls for loading frame cache.

- Save Caches node add "During FumeFX Sim" option.

- Tessellate node change default Min Edge Length to 0.1 to avoid accidental over-subdivisions.


Bug Fixes

- Face Shatter can generate invalid vertices that will cause Arnold to skip fragment rendering.

- NodeWorks editor is very slow when loading caches and moving through out-of-range frames.

- When user creates particle custom channel all auto connections where dropped.

- Wrong pin connection detection resulted in wrong UI attributes show/hide.

- Simple Gen node in simulation with substeps could generated wrong particle count when emission Start Time equals End Time.

- Workspace Load Cache and Load Cache node wrong Arnold motion blur for some particles.

- 3ds max crashes if Load Caches node is in Tracking mode and particle has a shape.

- Export of Arnold User Data into the Arnold shader network was broken for non-instanced geometry.

- Add simulation cancel check to tessellate modifier as with wrong connection it can easily end up tessellating millions of faces.

- When changing nodes in disabled tab, simulation updates for no reason.

- ISurf node re-creates its particle on each frame which resulted in multiple shapes..

- GUI width issues on several widgets.





Released on 30.August.2022


New or Improved Features

- Change caching option on multiple selected channels simultaneously.

- Particle to Spline add spline display color option that is used for splines other than those created from fibers.

- Option to Reset Zoom on all tabs.

- Added Arnold Curve node Render % option.

- Added Simulation Info node isCaching output.

- Added Arnold point scale option in the Arnold point preferences.

- Spline to Shape node parameter change not to cause automatic simulation restart.


Bug Fixes

- Crash with multiple groups selected and widget buttons is pressed.

- Changing pin connection using ALT+drag was slow.

- Arnold Render instance geometry visible in rendering output.

- PhysX rope NOP breaks on simulation restart.

- Wrong settings parameter during scene load.

- Rope display has display offset.

- PhysX simulation on first frame after scene load is not working.

- Global caching doesn't check valid file extension.

- Particle group deleted twice.

- Disabled color attributes can still be edited.

- Spline to Shape with custom shape wrong resampling.

- If Groups is minimized and pinned, right click on the pinned Caching rollout will pop up the Group option.

- Crash during cache loading when any of particle group caching state is disabled.

- Follow Surface node can output wrong UVW coordinates during time slider scrubbing.

- UVW Mapping node can produce wrong results.

- Grid Obstacles node didn't work unless particle is connected and it already included an object from the scene.