Open 3ds Max and from the Create panel/Geometry select FumeFX. Click on the FumeFX button to create FumeFX object.



The following dialog will appear.



Select the license server (localhost for license installed on the workstation) and click on the Authorize button. The main authorization windows will show up.


Fill in all your information and click on the Authorize button. If the authorization succeeds, the main FumeFX dialog will be opened automatically.


Note: Please do not mix FumeFX and FumeFX SL serial numbers as they will need to be authorized separately. FumeFX SL can be authorized from the FumeFX Help menu, or from the FumeFX About box. If you already have one license installed, please use manual authorization to add other licenses.



If for any reason online authorization fails, please email us your User ID and serial numbers to Once you receive the auth code, select Manual Auth and paste the authorization code to Auth Code field, then press Authorize.




For network authorization, please refer to the AfterFLICS - Network Authorization (Floating License Mode) topic.