Arnold User Data Support




FumeFX is tightly integrated with the Arnold renderer and allows user to export particle attribute to Arnold User Data that can be used within the shader network. Custom Channels are available for particle shapes, shape instances and points.


Attribute - Specify the particle attribute you want to export as Arnold user data.


User Data - Attribute name that is accessible inside the Arnold`s shader network.


ID - Particle ID. Data type: integer.


Age - Particle Age. Data type: float.


Life - Particle Life. Data type: float.


Radius - Particle Radius (X component of particle Scale). Data type: float.


Mass - Particle Mass. Data type: float.


Speed - Particle Speed (length of Velocity vector). Data type: float.


Velocity - Particle Velocity. Data type: vector.


Color - Particle Color. Data type: rgb.


Travel Distance - Particle Travel Distance. Data type: float.


Custom Channels - Enable this checkbox to export custom channels. Custom channels will be listed as soon as they are added to the Workspace. However, only those channels that have specified User Data name will be exported. Supported channel types are bool, integer, float and vector.


Note: User Data names for Custom Channels must not contain blank spaces.



In this example, myFloat custom channel from the particle system will be exported as custFlt while myVec won`t (see the rollout above). Float value will be used to set all three color components (R,G,B) of the Float To RGB Conversion Map. Its output color will be used as a Base Color for the Arnold Standard Surface material.