Released on 6.September.2023


New Features and Improvements

- We have implemented a robust memory caching system that covers a wide range of elements, including particles, particle shapes, custom channels, Arnold procedurals, splines, fibers, and voxel grid displays. This feature promises to revolutionize your workflow by eliminating the need to cache NodeWorks simulations to disk before playback, ensuring a seamless and lightning-fast experience right within the 3ds max viewport.



- Added GPU viewport display support for Display Grid node which is available for 3ds max 2023 and newer.



- Added support for Arnold Procedurals .ass files (Arnold`s render proxy) display inside the 3ds max viewport. Arnold Procedural .ass file can contain large set of data, like entire city block, that can be placed by using the NodeWorks particles and visualized directly inside the 3ds max viewport.

- Added Arnold/Redshift viewport approximation shading to the FumeFX GPU display.

- Added fractal signed noise option to the Perlin Noise node which output range ranges between -1 and 1.

- Moved spline display option from the disk caching rollout to the NodeWorks command panel.



- FumeFX window can crash if new scene is to be opened.

- Face Shatter crash with improper and circular setup.

- Particle group mesh display enable/disable and Arnold procedurals bug.

- Random crash on scene open with Load Grid node.

- Grid Display node did display in viewport even if Enabled was unchecked.