Released on 11.December.2023


New Features and Improvements

- The Particle Import Node has undergone a significant enhancement, enabling users to import custom channels from both NodeWorks and TyFlow. This latest feature introduces a new level of flexibility for artists, particularly in conjunction with TyFlow`s custom channels, when working with node-based FumeFX sources. This update reflects a commitment to providing users with advanced tools that facilitate a seamless and integrated experience. As artists continue to push the boundaries of simulation and effects, these improvements contribute to a more efficient and dynamic workflow, ultimately enhancing the overall creative potential within the FumeFX for 3ds max environment.


Importing float and vector channels from TyFlow into the NodeWorks.


- Display node added option to display Orientation Quat values in addition to Orientation axis.

- Velocity node added predefined Direction option for world and local X,Y and Z axis.

- Simulation Info node add simulation start and end frame output pins.




- PhysX crash in 3ds max 2024.

- Velocity node didn`t allow negative velocities.

- Grid Source node was not able to set negative temperature.

- Velocity Paint can crash on certain mesh types.

- Display Attributes node didn`t respect the selection of custom channels to display and it always displayed all channels.

- Particle Import Gen can crash on exit.