Released on 03.October.2023


New Features and Improvements

- Added Quick Presets menu option for faster voxel grid creation and loading, converting objects to cloth, and creating rigid body dynamics with PhysX. Actions are context-sensitive so nodes and connections will depend on selected objects in the scene. This new option includes a complex preset for creating ground explosion that uses FumeFX, NodeWorks and ArnoldStandard Volume.


Creating particle emission from selected objects.


Converting selected object into cloth and adding gravity to cloth particles.


Loading and displaying of FumeFX caches with one mouse click.


Ground Explosion preset will automatically setup NodeWorks, FumeFX and Arnold Standard Volume material


- Improved disk and memory cache sizes which now results in smaller files sizes, lower memory consumption and faster caching. In some cases where millions of particles are saved to disk, caching times can be halved.

- Added memory caching support for points display type within the Grid Display node.

- Initialize Grid and Load Grid node added button "Create Position Helper" that will setup Object Info node and point helper for faster voxel grid manipulation.

- ISurf node added Grid input pin so that users can mesh FumeFX smoke, fire or temperature channels directly within the NodeWorks.

- Import Shape node added option to import object`s spin.

- Added Get Grid node so that users can pass Voxel Grid to other grid related nodes.

- Spline Force node added Grid input pin so that users can apply spline force a lot faster to entire Voxel Grid compared to more flexible voxel by voxel basis.

- Spline Force added Blend mode for velocities.

- Spline Force added option to use NodeWorks splines and not just 3ds max splines (like spline Gen node).

- Spline Force node added RegEx for fast and flexible selection of multiple splines that use similar naming.

- FumeFX Force, 3ds max Forces and Perlin Noise nodes added Grid input pin so that users can easily apply those nodes to entire voxel grid.


Users can now apply those nodes over the entire voxel field at once.


- Write Voxel node - added smarter auto connection of position and velocity pins during the node drag/create.

- Spline Gen node added min and max distance and particle count for Spacing and Knots mode.

- Display Grid node added display of currently drawn grid dimensions and grid spacing.

- Gen on Surface node is renamed to Surface Gen and Voxelzed Gen to Voxel Gen to streamline the gen nodes naming.



- Display Grid Volume mode had wrong display when using grid TM.

- Change of NodeWorks PhysX settings or Simulation settings didn`t invalidate memory cache.

- Various Memory Cache bug fixes and improvements.

- Nodes using FumeFX Simulation Ref node might not have applied velocities correctly in cases where FumeFX grid was rotated.

- Display Grid node stops displaying points and vectors when NodeWorks icon is out of view.

- Display Grid node can display extra box in the scene.

- Spline Gen node you have to select splines twice in order to show up.

- Spline Force didn`t work properly if falloff was used and input position felt beyond the last knot.

- Import Particle System didn`t get proper particle age from pflow and tyflow.

- Part Loader can crash on load of .nxd caches.

- In some cases users could change connected pin types which should be disabled.

- Rendering splines as Arnold curves with motion blur didn`t work properly.

- FumeFX PostSim max script function was not called after the simulation has ended.