Released on 15.March.2023


What`s new

- Added new FumeFX Pyro Vorticity with Surface Breaker. This vorticity type adds different type of details to flow interior and flow boundary (fire or smoke) which results in simulations that resemble pyroclustic flows with plenty of fine detail. Surface Breaker can be used to add medium-sized detail or to break surface of homogenous flow


New Pyro Vorticity comapred to Vorticity I


- FumeFX 6 features new Explosion Preprocess set of options that enable user to create advanced shading of cinematic explosions by using the Arnold renderer and its set or nodes.


FumeFX 6 for 3ds max and Explosion Preprocess tutorial



- FumeFX adaptive grid attributes allow user to have separate control over grid expansion by velocity and added pressure or to disable adaptive grid contraction.

- Simple and Geom Sources have new capability to directly add pressure to the FumeFX simulation. This feature can be used to enhance explosions and create areas of low and high pressure which will then result in fluid to move towards the source or away from it.

- Added support for vertex velocities for FumeFX Geom Source. For example, Geom Source now supports velocities that are baked into the tyflow`s tyMesher.


NodeWorks - a node based system for 3ds max with more than 150 ready to use nodes, including:

- Particles with groups, clusters and custom channels.

- Easy post processing of particle caches including retiming, particle attribute change, geometry replacement and more.

- Progressive geometry fragmentation at face/polygon level.

- Explosion particle generator.

- Voronoi fragmentation.

- Rope simulation.

- Cloth dynamics with plastic deformations and tear.

- Soft body dynamics with plastic deformations.

- Inflatable soft body.

- Rigid body dynamics (PhysX).

- Swarm - Collective behavior simulation.

- Character animation control. Event driven animation playback with smooth animation blending.

- Voxel grids - loading, per-voxel manipulation, caching and direct rendering.

- Custom Voxel grid forces.

- FumeFX caches loading, processing and re-caching.

- Node based access to FumeFX simulation process and voxels.

- Direct node-based addition of sources and collision objects to FumeFX simulation.

- Extensive integration with the Arnold renderer supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, geometry instances, volumes and custom channels.

- ISurf particle mesher with direct Arnold motion blur support. Available meshing algorithms: Union of Spheres, Metaballs, Zhu-Bridson and Anisotropic.

- Free video tutorials created directly by the FumeFX developers that are published on a regular basis.