Released on 26.July.2023


New Features and Improvements

- Added Color coding of pins by the pin data type which can be enabled or disabled from the Customize Editor options. Output pins for nodes with many outputs are now sorted by the data type.


- Added Voxels to Spline node to create spline trails (streamlines) that are based on voxel grid velocities.


Abstract streamlines created with a custom generated velocity field and rendered as Arnold curves


- Added Spline Gen node to generate particle on NodeWorks splines or 3ds max shapes. Various location selection methods allow for different emission patterns.


Millions of particles generated on splines and advected with a custom generated velocity field then rendered as Arnold points


- Added Dot Prod and Cross Prod nodes for faster and more convenient operation with vectors.

- Gen Surface node speed optimizations - in some cases up to twice as fast.

- Added support for vertex velocities for FumeFX Geom Source. For example, Geom Source now supports velocities that are baked into the tyflow`s tyMesher.

- Splines Display Color now becomes Spline color and is no longer used just to display splines. Arnold Curves node will now export spline color as fxp_color to Arnold User Data which can be used with Arnold shaders. This provides users with direct control over rendered spline color.

- Vertex Color node added option to write to vertex color data to shape which must be enabled is shape`s vertex color mapping channel is used from FumeFX sources.

- Object Test node added option to search for the nearby vertices. It allows user to compute average values of nearby vertices and set those values to output pins. With this option vertices are treated as one point cloud.

- Perlin Noise node added option for low and high threshold.

- Particle Advect node now has the header color set to particle group color

- Advect Particles node add Blend % to blend particle velocity with the grid velocity.

- Several Gen nodes now have new AutoSeed option which will make each node generate different patterns even when using identical seed number.

- Load Grid node added out of range types.



- In some cases all Gen nodes could output wrong particles.

- There were cases when Gen Surface node had different creation pattern.

- Save Grid didn`t save grid TM and used more memory than required. It will now work faster with less memory consumption.

- Upon node creation, Arnold Volume Grid node didn`t automatically pick default Grid from the Workspace.

- On Arnold Volume Grid copy/paste used material was replaced by a new copy of the same material while it should remained the same.

- Arnold Volume Grid node would crash on copy/paste.

- Object Info didn`t output node TM properly.

- Get Part Attrib node seed output pin wasn`t functional.

- Simulation Info node FPS output pin had wrong value.

- Allow Object Properties node to pick any sort of object in the scene

- Grid Save node didn`t export .fxd data properly.

- Arnold Curves changing Material ID number didn`t update material name.

- Bug with Material ID controls for all the nodes that use this control. If assigned material was not a Multi/Sub-object the control didn`t display its name.

- Allow Object Info node to pick FumeFX, helpers etc. It`s useful as now user can use helper transformation matrix (point helper for example) to position Voxel Grid.

- Perlin Noise output was wrong for 1D noise.

- All nodes using Texmaps had one bug. On copy/paste new texmap was created and assigned while it should have remained unchanged.