Released on 11.July.2023


New Features and Improvements

- Added new Shape Param node which is similar to Particle Flow`s Shape Control. It allows user to procedurally change scene object parameter(s) or their modifiers on per-particle basis and use the resulting object as a particle shape.

With just a few mouse clicks artists can generate endless variations of particle shapes or even procedurally adjust shape LOD based on the camera distance. Shape can also be changed throughout the particle life.



- Object Param node will now display most of modifiers as well.

- Added Constant node to display value in header.

- Load Cache node added automatic range option.

- Rotate node added predefined axis.

- Added optimization in the cases where there are many particle deletions and creation throughout simulation. In some scenes this optimization can result with 50% simulation time reduction.



- Fixed Gen on Surface node - Cluster by Object didn`t work properly.

- Fixed Object Params node did set keys to object when animate button was enabled.