Released on 19.June.2023


New Features and Improvements

- New Text node where user can set text to the Text shape 3ds max object. In combination with Object Params node one could retrieve parameter value and display it as a text in the scene.



- New String node that allows users to combine multiple strings.

- New Object Properties node to set hide, freeze, renderable, display as box properties. Multiple objects including regex are supported.

- New Seed Node that retrieves particle seed number.

- Object List node and Object List Ref node now have Object output pin that will iteratively output all objects, one by one, just like Get Part Group would particles.

- Object Info node added multiple objects and object index. Object input pin can now be used to connect with Object List node and to work on per-object basis which is similar to how particles work.


In the example below user can test object position against the camera FOV and change object properties based on the result.


- FumeFX Simple Source added option to add pressure to the simulation.

- FumeFX Geom Source added option to add pressure to the simulation.

- Explosion Gen change - Direction Var is now called Spread and we have added SpreadVar option.

- Explosion Gen added Color input and Pass input and output pins.

- Spawn Gen added Pass input and output pins.

- Spawn Gen added color parameter to allow user to assign color to new particles.

- Added seed pin to Get Particle Group and Get Properties nodes.

- Changed Group Filter node that now outputs bool instead of particle.

- Added to NodeWorks windows header Disabled/Interactive/Cache status.

- Orientation node added predefined Alignment vectors, X,Y,Z,velocity and so on...

- Faster Arnold rendering (cca 10%) when passing velocities to Arnold.

- Display node to display speed in /secons and /frame.

- Speed Convert input in units/s output units/frame.

- Vertex Color node - added checkbox to display components as color picker.

- Constant node added value display in node header.



- Location Object and Swarm nodes seed edit control was not working properly.

- Gen on Surface node seed value didn`t affect the "face" option locations.

- Simple Shape Material ID was not working properly with Arnold if Instance is enabled and Multimtl was used.

- Explosion Gen auto link for vector type went to Direction instead of Position.

- Random node with integers never reached max value.

- If cache was missing Arnold would render a box of smoke.

- When load cache node is used displayed particle count can be zero.

- Object Param node didn`t update simulation if parameter/object was changing.

- Seed node didn`t work if there were no particles.

- FFX Wind node name was wrong and it defaulted to Object.