Released on 18.May.2023


New Features and Improvements

- Added Explosion Gen particle source node for fast creation of procedural explosions with FumeFX.

- Added Explosion Preprocess option to FumeFX that enables advanced shading of cinematic explosions. Example below is a combination of Explosion Preprocess and Arnold shading nodes.



- Perlin Noise node added different noise types. Fractal and Turbulence noise types are now available.

- Perlin Noise node added persistence, lacunarity, scale output parameters and output pins for 1D and 3D noise.

- Added Get Cluster node to allow users to read particle cluster attribute.

- Added particle Cluster attribute output to Get Particle Group and Get Particle Attribute nodes.

- Pyro Vorticity added smoke threshold parameter.

- Spawn Gen add position jitter direction pin to jitter just along a user defined vector.

- Display Custom node to allow negative vector scale values.



- Dragging the time slider was not working smooth with more complicated scenes. Backward scrubbing was broken.

- Grid Sources node simulation results weren`t consistent. Each run created slightly different result.

- Random node still took the seed from particle when Seed pin was connected. This prevents user from complete control over the random number generator.

- Curve editor - if all knots have the same Y value, then initial display won`t show any.

- Seed value of 0 in some cases results in wrong random numbers.

- FumeFX can crash if there is an invalid atmospherics entry left after loading scene with missing atmospherics (3ds max Environment dialog crashes as well).

- NodeWorks window can crash on open - a very rare case that should be solved now.