Released on 12.April.2023


New Features and Improvements

- FumeFX Boundless grid can now expand around the Geom Source objects even if their geometry is outside of initial grid boundaries.

- Gen Surface node added new "Location Filtering" rollout that contains options to generate particles based on texmap, material id and slope. This addition greatly simplifies procedural scattering workflow.

- Gen Surface can now generate more than 1 particle per vertex, edge and face.

- Added face selected output pin to Object Test node.

- Added Force Scale multiplier to the Spline Force node.

- Added 3ds max 2024 support.

- Added Arnold renderer for max 2022 - 2024 support.

- Added Thinking Particles 7.3 support.



- Fixed Arnold rendering issues when there was no material assigned to the NodeWorks node.

- Fixed FumeFX Source AFC Controller by Particle Age didn`t show in the list even if selected.

- Gen Surface node jittering offset was not perpendicular to the face normal.

- Fixed Birth Surface node UVW output coordinates that didn`t work properly in some cases.