- Fixed Particle Source that didn't work with the color channel controller.

- Fixed particle system picking that could crash Particle Source with tyFlow float as vector controller.

- Fixed FumeFX-TP birth operators that caused crash with TP 6.7+ and 3ds max 2019.

- Added support for 3rd party .vdb files for Initial State simulation.



- Fixed FumeFX-Redshift shader and cache sharpening.

- Added FumeFX Tex3D colors extraction without shading applied.

- Added support for Arnold render


I/O Subsystem

- Fixed .vdb crashes if velocities were present in input caches.

- Fixed issue where 3rd party .vdb cache velocities were not properly loaded.

- Fixed Initial state didn't work if Color was present inside the .fdc cache.

- Fixed error when using .fxd as initial state could throw the file version mismatch message.



- Added Initial State filename display in the FumeFX menu.



- Fixed installer for 3ds max 2021 that didn't properly install FumeFX Arnold shader.