- 3ds Max® 2020 support.



- Added Multiview option.

- Added Arnold light approximation to the FumeFX GPU Viewport.

- Changed default option for Show Fire and smoke in viewport which are now enabled by default.

- Fixed Playback From/To parameter change didn't trigger viewport refresh.

- Fixed Viewport update bug when switching cache files.

- Fixed viewport update bug. In a newly created scene create grid and run simulation. Perspective viewport point display didn't work until the viewport was rotated.

- Fixed 3ds max crash if you pick Arnold Light from FumeFX Light pick dialog.



- Added option to use the FFX4 Solver.

- Added ability to select tyFlow particles from Particle Source.

- Added support of tyFlow's float and vector particle channels for the Interpolation controllers.

- Fixed FumeFX Wind didn't show parameters inside the Track View

- Fixed bug where VDB files with conservative advection and sub-steps didn't retime properly.

- Fixed MXS that was broken pre 3ds max 2019

- Changed Default Vorticity II values. New default for Strength is 0.9 and for Vortices Scale is 0.01.

- Changed MXS GetPath() that will now return extension as well.



- Fixed bug that caused Arnold renderer to hang if two or more FumeFX grids were in the scene.