- GPU Viewport occlusion fix for "unpicked" geometry.

- Fixed Effector's influence display in viewport.

- FumeFX Sources created from the FumeFX toolbar had random colors.



- Speed improvements for the QCG solver. It is now able to use near 100% CPU even on machines with 20+ cores.

- New FumeFX Wind force with artist friendly options.

- Fixed Effector on Turbulence Noise Scale can cause crash.

- Faster 3ds max Wind force.

- Fixed color channel bleeding during the simulation.

- MXS Post calls were not working and script was not properly saved.



- New FumeFX-Arnold shader that supports Arnold's Standard Volume shader.

- FumeFX Standard shader support for Arnold renderer.


I/O Subsystem

- I/O crash on machines with 48 and more threads.

- Deferred caches fix so they wait for large caches to be completely written to disk