FumeFX supports rendering with VRay renderer. The FumeFX - VRay shader is available as a separate installation from our members area.


Munimum requirements:
- FumeFX for Maya version 4.0

- VRay 3.0.


FumeFX - VRay shader can be used only for local rendering through the Maya UI. For batch and network rendering additional licenses must be purchased from the Sitni Sati online store (www.afterworks.com).



VRay Network Render Licensing

With multiple shader licenses, we strongly recommend that you have one computer as a license server machine. All the render nodes' AfterFLICS should be configured to obtain the license from the license server machine.

To authorize FumeFX - VRay shader licenses, please open the FumeFX Attribute Editor and click on the About Box button. The following dialog will show up.



Click on the Reauthorize FumeFX - VRay shader button and AfterFLICS dialog will show up.
To authorize licenses, please use Manual Authorization mode as described inside the AfterFLICS Help file.



VRay Specific

Rendering with VRay will require adjusting the Illumination Map Multiplier to 4.0 as it will otherwise render darker than the mental ray.



When using IPR, you will have to set VRay's RT Engine to CUDA or OpenCL as CPU version will not work if there is any Volume Primitive in the scene.