Tutorial 14: Black - body Shader and Sharpening


In this tutorial you will learn how to use Black - body fire shader and benefits of Sharpening.

For this tutorial please load Tut_14_start.ma scene from your [MAYA]/FumeFX/Tutorials folder.



Press CTRL+SHIFT+F to bring the FumeFX Attribute Editor.


As always, you will need to change the output path to a local folder.


By looking at the Ouput Channels list you will notice that this simulation also exports Temperature.



Since we will be using the Black - body shader which uses temperature to compute emission color, it is obvious that the temperature channel has to be exported as well.


For a start, open the FumeFX' Preview Window and Run the simulation.


Once the simulation is finished render frame 70.



You will notice that explosion looks a bit too much red.

Move the time slider to frame 70 which we'll use to see effects of parameters change.


Under Rendering Settings - >Fire rollout increase the Temp. Scale to 12 and Min. Temp. parameter from 800.0 to 1000.0.

We also want a wider area where the smoke and fire blends. To do this, increase the Fire - Smoke Blend Span from 100.0 to 300.0.
This blending occurs on the lower end of the temperature scale which means that fire and smoke will blend from 1000K to 1300K (1000K+300K).


Render frames 70 with new parameters and notice the difference.



To change the coloration of the explosion while keeping the intensity, you can use the Temp. Offset parameter. Values above 0.0 will make the fiery part appear hotter while values below 0.0 will make it look cooler. For this scene set the Temp. Offset value to 300.0.


Render frame 70.



While the shader parameters seems corrrect, we would benefit from a little bit more detail. Fortunately, this can easily be adjusted. Set the Sharpen Strength for Fire and Smoke to 1.0 and render.


Fire and Smoke sharpening strength set to 1.0


To create even more detail without lowering the grid Spacing parameter, we can play with Vorticity and Smoke Simulation Sharpen.


Under FumeFX System rollout change Vortices Scale to 0.1.

Under Smoke rollout, set Smoke Sharpen Amount to 0.1 and Sharpen Radius to 1.0.