Release History





- Added FumeFX Wind object.

- Added FumeFX 4 Solver option.

- Added Affect Velocity Magnitude Mode to Turbulence Noise.

- Added Small Detail Scale parameter to Turbulence Noise.

- Added Small Detail Amount parameter to Turbulence Noise.

- Fixed VDB files with conservative advection and sub-steps didn't retime properly.



- Added Multiview for GPU viewport.



- Added Rasterized mode for FumeFX Tubulence Noise Preview.

- Added Review Attributes option to the FumeFX Utilities menu.

- Changed Default Vorticity II values. New default for Strength is 0.9 and for Vortices Scale is 0.01.



- Fixed Arnold Smoke opacity was 20 times higher than it should be.

- Fixed Arnold shader falloff didn't work.

- Fixed bug that caused Arnold renderer to hang if two or more FumeFX grids were in the scene.