Every FumeFX workstation license ships with an additional simulation license (FumeFX SL). It can be used to run FumeFX simulations on any machine with BackBurner Server running.

To switch between the FumeFX and FumeFX SL please use the FumeFX Preferences Dialog.


On Windows, you can edit the userPrefs.mel file that is located inside the [Documents]\maya\[Maya_ver]\prefs folder.

On Linux, you will need to open the userPrefs.mel file located inside the [user home directory]/maya/[Maya_ver]/prefs folder.


In both cases look for the - iv "ffxGlobPrefsSLM" 0


There are few things to consider.


Set renderer to Maya Software.


The command line example: [MAYA_PATH]\bin\Render.exe - r sw "c:\test\sim.mb"


Before submitting the job to BackBurner, make sure that the FumeFX Output Path is selected as a UNC path (\\machine\shader_folder).


Make sure that the FumeFX Simulation License (SL) is installed and authorized onto a network slave so it can receive the job. FumeFX SL can be authorized from the FumeFX Auth Dialog. FumeFX installed on the network slave machine has to be in SL mode.

On your workstation, turn ON the BackBurner toggle button in the FumeFX UI Dialog.  


It is enough to submit just one frame for rendering. After the render job is accepted, Maya will start, the scene will load, FumeFX SL will run simulation and rendering will follow.


One simulation can be done on only one machine - parallel simulation is not supported. Simulation must finish before rendering can take place. If you intend to use one and only one machine for simulation and then rendering, just set up the normal rendering job and before submitting it, turn on the BackBurner button on FumeFX floater.


If you plan to render with more than one machine, or use another machine for rendering, you will have to set up two jobs. The first simulation job will be passed to one machine only and it will run simulation (and render just one "dummy" frame for example). The second job will be a usual rendering job and must be set to depend on the first one.