FumeFX Relationship Manager


Objects, Sources, Forces and Effectors can all affect FumeFX simulations.


Any geometry that can be converted to mesh can be used as an object that affects FumeFX fluid.  To do this, the geometry has to be connected to FumeFX and any movement it makes through the fluid will displace the fluid. In a similar way, user has to connect light(s) to FumeFX so it can illuminate the smoke.


To simplify the task of selecting which object, source, force or light will affect FumeFX, we have created a special FumeFX Relationship Manager dialog. It is similar to the Maya' Dynamic Relationship Editor.




"Selection modes" option allows you to exclude certain source types from showing in the list.


Sources and objects are applied in the same order as they're listed. However, Effectors are always applied after sources.


To add a force like Air, deselect the FumeFX grid, create force node in the scene and manually select it from the FumeFX Relationship manager.