FumeFX Particle Emitter



To be able to create this emitter in the scene, you need to select FumeFX first.  This operator enables you to create particles in only those areas of the fluid that you have selected through per - channel conditions.



Creation Parameters

Rate - This determines how many particles per second will be created.


Jitter Position Magnitude - Use bigger values to relax test results area.  For example, if this is set to 0, particles will appear only in center of each affected voxel.  Conversely, if you raise this to 50%, particles will appear randomly within a voxel.


Rate Remap Attr - Allows users to use various FumeFX channels to control the amount of newly created particles. Min/Max values are used as limits on the Rate Remap Ramp's X axis.



Velocity Inheritance

Created particles inherit their initial speed and orientation from the FumeFX fluid.  You can tweak those attributes through the following two parameters.


Speed Multiplier - At the default value of 1, particles will maintain the exact speed of the FumeFX fluid.  At 0, the particles will have no speed at all.  Also, since negative values are supported, you can make particles move in opposition to the FumeFX fluid.


Speed Variation - This value represents a percentage of the fluid speed.



Per Particle Attributes

If enabled, FumeFX Particle Emitter will create additional per - particle attributes.




All parameters in the Channel group are identical to those of the Fluid Test; refer to the FumeFX Test section of this reference for more information.



Test True Switch  - Particles can be born whether all or any conditions have been met.

Flags  - By using the source or object flag you can limit particle emission only to the area where the source or object was located during the simulation. Next To Object option will create a thin shell of particles around the object surface.


Smoke, Temperature, Fire etc.  - Those tests will use values from available (simulated) fields to control the particle emission. If channel's value inside the voxel is between Minimum and Maximum Value parameters, the particle system is allowed to spawn new particle at the voxel's location.