Collision Object



Deflector Object has a very simple dialog. In most cases, these nodes are to be used as collision objects that will block and otherwise interact with the FumeFX simulation.


By using the Attach selected button, multiple objects can be added to the simulation.







To be able to add deflector object to the FumeFX simulation, user has to select the geometry and FumeFX and from the FumeFX menu select "Attach Geometry To FFX Node As Collision" option.


Once attached, a new node with "_collisionProxy" suffix will be created in the scene. It can be selected it in the Outliner as shown on the image below.



Active - Use this checkbox to quickly enable/disable the collision object(s).


Icon Size - The Viewport size of its icon. Does not have any influence on the simulation.


Type - The type chosen affects how the object volume is treated:


Shell fills only the surface of the object.

Solid fills only the surface of the object; the interior is interpreted as a solid object, so nothing can pass through it.


Free Flow will cause the collision object to affect the simulation with the wind generated by its motion, but it won't block any smoke, fire etc..


Speed Multiplier - The Speed Multiplier value changes the speed of an object that is used in computations.  Increase this value if you want the object to push the fluid more forcefully, or decrease if you want the object to have less impact on fluid movement.


Voxel Size Scale - For an object that does not require a lot of detail in the simulation, user can reduce voxelization resolution. Higher Voxel Size Scale means less memory consumption.


Minimal Vozelization - When checked, the FumeFX will voxelize only parts of an object that falls inside the grid. Otherwise, the whole object will be voxelized.