FumeFX supports rendering with Arnold renderer. The FumeFX - Arnold shader is available as a separate installation from our members area.


Munimum requirements:
- FumeFX 5.0.4 for Maya

- Arnold 5.2


FumeFX - Arnold shader can be used only for local rendering through the Maya UI. For batch and network rendering additional licenses must be purchased from the Sitni Sati online store (



Arnold Network Render Licensing

With multiple shader licenses, we strongly recommend that you have one computer as a license server machine. All the render nodes' AfterFLICS should be configured to obtain the license from the license server machine.

To authorize FumeFX - Arnold shader licenses, please open the FumeFX Attribute Editor and click on the About Box button. The following dialog will show up.



Click on the Reauthorize FumeFX - Arnold shader button and AfterFLICS dialog will show up.
To authorize licenses, please use Manual Authorization mode as described inside the AfterFLICS Help file.



Arnold Specific

Rendering with Arnold does not support FumeFX built - in Illumination Map or Multiple Scattering.

FumeFX will use all the lights in the scene and not only the ones that are selected from the FumeFX.


Use Maya Volume Sampling parameter is ignored.

Step Size is used for camera, shadow and GI samples altogether.



FumeFX grid has additional Arnold shader rollout with few additional parameters.



GI Attenuation - lowering this number increases scattered light throughout the smoke.



Arnold Renderer AOVs

FumeFX Standard Shader has two built - in AOVs - ffx_normal and ffx_Z.  However, it also writes values to the Arnold's built - in motionvector AOV. The ffx_normal and ffx_Z can be added by using the Add Custom button in the Arnold's AOV Browser window.


ffx_normal (rgb)  - This is the FumeFX' internal AOV and no other scene objects will be visible. Output will represent FumeFX smoke channel normal  in world space coordinates.


ffx_normal_blend (rgba)  - This is the FumeFX' internal AOV and no other scene objects will be visible. Output will represent FumeFX smoke channel normal that is blended along the camera ray. The normal is in world space coordinates.


ffx_Z (float)  - This is the FumeFX' internal AOV. Depth values are compatible with Arnold's "Z" AOV.


motionvector (rgba)  - For this AOV, the Arnold renderer will blend FumeFX output with all other scene objects output. In order to successfully use motionvector AOV you will need to enable motion blur in Arnold renderer as well as inside the FumeFX Rendering Parameters rollout. Do not forget to export velocities to FumeFX caches as well. For the FumeFX Motion Blur Duration use value of 0.01 if you're going to apply motion blur effect in post.





Arnold Renderer AOVs