Release History




- Added Support for Redshift 3.0.17 and newer.

- Added Support for X-Particles.

- Added C4D Take system support.

- Added Object Source Voronoi Fractures support.

- Fixed Alignment of multiple FumeFX grids during N-Sim.

- Fixed Sync of FumeFX Boundless parameter during N-Sim.

- Fixed Arnold channel sharpener.

- Fixed FumeFX Effector changing FumeFX color channel.

- Fixed FumeFX Effector not working during the first frame of simulation.

- Fixed Start/Continue menu button when no FumeFX grid is selected (empty popup window).

- Fixed Object Source UVW texture coordinates (for channel mapping).

- Fixed Object Source does not take multiple cached objects.

- Fixed Rendering FumeFX and object with reflective material in some situation does not work.