Windows Installation




FumeFX has been developed and tested on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.




FumeFX ships as the self-extracting package. Once executed, a series of dialogues will guide you through the installation procedure.




Installer will automatically find the path to the Maya installation and if the Maya location is correct, please do not alter it. After completing the installation, plugins will be in place and AfterFLICS service will be running.


Location of installed files:


[MAYA_PATH]\bin: AWUtils.dll, VoxelFlow.dll

[MAYA_PATH]\FumeFX\plug-ins : FumeFX.mll

[MAYA_PATH]\FumeFX \icons : FumeFX icons

[MAYA_PATH]\FumeFX\scripts : FumeFX .mel scripts

[MAYA_PATH]\modules : FumeFX.mod


[MENTAL_RAY_PATH]\shaders : ffxDyna.dll

[MENTAL_RAY_PATH]\include : ffxDyna.mi


[WINDOWS_DRIVE]:\Program Files(x86)\AfterFLICS: AfterFLICS folder


Once you have installed the plug-in, start Maya and open Plug-in Manager located on the main menu (Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager)


Enable the FumeFX plugin Loaded and Auto load checkboxes.