FumeFX Source



This source type can be used to convert one FumeFX into the source for another FumeFX. In order to make it work, the FumeFX chosen as a source has to be simulated throughout the used frame range and its caches must have required channels exported.


To create a FumeFX Source, click on the FumeFX menu and select FumeFX Source.

Source will be created automatically and its parameters will be presented within attribute editor.


Attach/Detach Selected Select FumeFX grid that will act as the source.


Active Use this checkbox to turn source on/off.  You can also animate this checkbox.




Shape - Choose between three basic geometries: Sphere, Box, or Cylinder.


Free Flow - If you check this, source parameters will still influence channel values, but the source, itself, will behave just like fluid.  As a result, the source’s velocity will not interrupt fluid movement in any way.


Dimension Parameters - Depending on selected Shape, you can set dimensions, such as Radius, or Width, Length, and Height.

Important: Use Dimension Parameters to encompass all desired voxels from the source FumeFX grid that will be passed to the FumeFX source.



Fuel, Temperature, Smoke, Color and Velocity

Each of these channels has the similar set of parameters. These parameters allow you to control how each channel will be applied.


Type - Click the Read  button to choose the type of effect that the source will have on that channel. When you click on it, you will get the following pop-up menu:



Disabled - The source won’t affect channel.

Read (from FumeFX) - Value will be read directly from FumeFX acting as a source.

Set - Value will be set using the Scale parameter. Valid Fuel Amount range is 0-100.