Test Operator



One feature in TP that is not available through PFlow is the ability to perform tests on any point in world space, instead of just particle position.


Radio Button - Use this to select what you want the operator to test.  Choose either Use Particle Input (particle position) or Use Position Input (world position).  This selection must be directly selected in the user interface; it cannot be connected as input.


Another benefit is TP’s extended test outputs.  Besides outputting the final test result, TP also outputs test results for each channel.  These outputs are named Channel Name Test, e.g., Smoke Test.  Values found for each channel are also output and named Channel Name Value, e.g., Smoke Value.  And, in the case that some of the channels were not exported by FumeFX simulation or the point in question is outside of FumeFX grid, you can test to see if the channel values are valid.  These outputs are named Channel Name Valid, e.g., Smoke Valid.