Release History


- New faster solver

- New vorticity type.

- Sharpening of various channels during the simulation.

- New burning model with oxygen.

- Wavelet or Post simulation to be able to wait for caches (DC-deferred caches option).

- Infinite nesting of N-Sim grids.

- Email notifications.

- Spline Follow source/force type.

- Faster cache pre-processing at render time.

- Faster application of objects and sources.

- Defector objects voxelization resolution and minimal voxelization.

- OpenVDB support.

- Effector has an option to use a 3D Texmap for input.

- Field3D and OpenVDB importer allows for channels assignment.

- PRT|PDC particle system.

- Direct picking of ParticleFlow events.

- ParticleFlow float and vector channel access.

- Motion blur rendering support.

- Black-body shader.

- Support for VRay???s deep data.

- Sharpening of fire and smoke at render time.

- Recently used caches list.

- Caches drag and drop.

- Quick path/filename versioning.

- Cache files delete.

- FumeFX.ini location can be defined with the environment variable FUMEFX_INI.

- Read-only mode so that user can???t overwrite caches by an accident.

- CPU Preview Window can have shadows as well.

- Shadows inside the 3ds max viewport.

- Preview Window exact window size.

- MXS: CancelSimulation(), StopSimulation(),DeleteCaches(),ResizePreview(width, height).


- Boundless grid ??? adaptive grid is no longer bounded by the main grid boundaries.
- Changing the Effector???s name will automatically update its name inside the FumeFX.
- Multiple Scattering option to cast and receive, so if you have a scene with many grids and want to avoid MS computation overhead, this potion will be handy.
- Ability to imprint various info to the Preview Window output.
- From the Obj/Src rollout, right click on object/src to select it in the viewport that will automatically enable PinUI option. Multi selection is also possible,
- Paths will show inside the Asset Manager
- Pin UI will keep the UI opened even if FumeFX is deselected.

- Preview Window has a new menu option "Lock to Viewport", so you can work on the scene setup in various viewports and PW will always display the chosen one.
- Bug fix: FumeFX Source was not functional.
- FumeFX Gravity parameter can have negative value.
- Sim Loop Mode option to reset sim at the beginning of each loop.
- Added tooltips to output paths text boxes, so that users can see very long paths.
- Added support for Field3D file format.
- Added support for picking groups of nodes from Scene Selection window. Works with:
- objects list
- illumination lights list
- object source objects list
- particle source particle list
- Added support for changing parameters for FumeFX deflector objects for all group members if grouping button is enabled ('G').
- Continue from cache in a bigger grid. Useful if your smoke hits the grid boundary. If that happens, simply expand grid boundaries and continue from an earlier fdc file. This feature works only for adaptive grid.
- Volume emission with Object Source. If using a Map within the source, make sure that Map???s coordinates are set to Explicit.
- MXS command ffxSilent - no Message box will show up (like Stop/Continue, etc).
- Multiple Scattering for PreviewWindow.
- Added tooltips to OSDWEG list box filter buttons.



- Added Effectors that can control almost every parameter on a per-voxel basis. By using Effectors, users can alter important aspects of simulation in creative way. It is easy to adjust Vorticity strength based on velocity, smoke density and many other parameters. To use it, enter the Effector???s channel name, and that will link certain parameter to the Effector.

- Added support for Color channel.

- New Rollouts for Color and Velocity channels.

- Illumination Map have a user-defined output path.

- Support for Multiple Scattering between FumeFX grids.

- Added N-Sim mode. It allows you to simulate nested grids in one go with the ability for fields from one grid to pass into the other grid.

- FumeFX can detect its own motion and pass it to the simulation.

- AfterBurn 4.1 Void Daemon support during Rendering (requires picking).

- Render Warps - support for Space Warps during rendering (requires picking). They can be used to deform FumeFX grid and voxels after the simulation is done. This option includes new controls on the Rendering rollout.

- User Interface state is saved to the FumeFX.ini file, so each time you open the FumeFX UI, it opens the way it was when you last closed it.

- Option to turn on/off display of Objects/Sources/Warps in the list and sort them in different ways.

- FumeFX Tex3D Texture Map is a new map that can read data from the FumeFX grid. It can be used to produce heat distortion effects by using 3ds max???s Raytrace material.

- FumeFX SL is now controlled by the FumeFX.ini file or the preferences dialog. Before it is fully enabled, 3ds max must be closed and re-opened.

- Inside the Preferences dialog there is an option to save information from the simulation window to a file. The file is saved to the simulation folder with the name ???simfilename.txt???

- There is now the ability to choose various criteria for grid expansion (eg, Smoke,Temp,Vel)

- Deflector Objects had memory limit of 3Gb, which is improved.

- Radial Falloff is added to the Particle Source.

- Simple Source can now use maps like Gradient Ramp with correct UVW mapping coordinates.

- Users can now create and add sources or effectors directly from the FumeFX interface in the ???Object/Sources/SpaceWarps??? dialog. - Turbulence Noise now has a preview window.

- Preview Window now has the option to render all grids in the scene at once using the new Multiview option..

- New GPU mode for the preview window, which supports scene objects and self-shadowing.

- Preview Window supports output to AVI and PNG. FumeFX can now create PNG preview files during simulation.. Preview .avi files will now be played with your default player.

- Improved smoke and fire Render Elements.






- MXS added vdSmokeMultiplier, vdTempMultiplier.

- FumeFX_MR.dlt loading problem under Windows 7 SP1 (.dlt is moved to FumeFX.dlo).

- Canceling IlluminationMap creation could crash 3ds max.

- Hidden FumeFX object render bug.

- FusionWorks Z buffer didn???t properly update scene after first frame.

- FumeFX automatically enabled Autobackup during the simulation.
- FusionWorks RenderElements now does not cause 64 bit output warning.

- ThinkingParticles 4.0 Follow Operator added Influence % input.

- VRay did not cancel rendering if user have hit cancel during Illumination Map creation.
- Simulation shortcut ???CTRL+SHIFT+S??? crashed FumeFX on start.

- Sub-texmaps  didn???t properly update until the material editor was opened.



- Licensing: we have converted all our plugins to AfterFLICS which now uses online authorization. That means you will have to reauthorize plugin using your current serial number. Do not forget to update all the other Sitni Sati plug-ins as well !

- MXS SetPath() - added nocheck flag. When this flag is present, a call to SetPath()won't check if folder is valid, read-only, etc..

- Retimer didn't not work with non-adaptive grid.
- Solver optimizations cca 10% faster.

- Windows font size and FumeFX UI width.

- Variable density solver was not working properly if one of smoke or temperature vdMultipliers were 0.



- Multiple Scattering was causing flickering on few grid voxels.

- FumeFX SL would sim only from frame 0 to 100.

- Smoke and Fire render elements save to .exr format had clamped colors.

- Negative light multiplier could crash 3ds max or create random color artifacts.

- Illumination fix for finalRender versions older than 3.5

- Improved Preview Window redrawing.



FumeFX now supports fully interactive simulations. That means that you can change almost every parameter during the simulation and see its influence on the simulation result. It is even possible to change what channels will be saved to the output file, or to move objects and change their parameters.


This version introduces variable density solver that uses smoke density and temperature as variables. The result of this addition is increased physical realism, where cold air and denser smoke will have stronger inertia compared to the hot air and lower density smoke.


New is also the CFL condition parameter that directly controls the number of simulation steps. This is the value that defines the maximum distance allowed for any cell data (velocity, smoke, fire, etc..) to travel in one simulation step. If velocities are bigger then defined by this condition, simulation sub steps will be initiated.


We have also added new advection scheme that reduces dissipation and preserves detail.


- finalRender 3.5 Global Illumination is now up to 6x faster !

- Default simulation uses all cores during the Wavelet Turbulence calculations, which results in significant speedup.

- Preview Window now prints out 3ds max frame number.

- Ability to stop/continue the Retimer.



- Gravity parameter from previous version is now moved to Smoke rollout and is named Smoke Buoyancy.

- Smoke and Fuel Buoyancies have to be <0 to make them fall. Smoke Buoyancy can be >0 which will make smoke to rise.

- Buoyancy param. from previous versions is now moved to the Temperature tab and is named Temperature Buoyancy.



- Files bigger than 2GB caused file reading error.

- Improved cubic interpolation.

- Retimer flickering when smoke source was set to add densities to the grid.

- Preview Window not finishing rendering topmost rows.

- Vorticity 0 can cause artifacts.

- Canceling Retimer can cause crash.

- Canceling retimer with ESC key might prevent starting retimer again.

- Retimer in SL mode didn't pop up progress dialog.




Wavelet Turbulence mode to add extra detail to low resolution simulation.


Post processing - ability to tighten (shrink) grid as much as possible around smoke and fire.


Retiming of FumeFX simulations is now possible by TimeFactor and by Frame.


Fuel specific weight parameter - Now with this parameter you can increase weight of the fuel causing it to be affected with gravity.


Temperature to control where fire creates smoke. When temperature is above threshold smoke will be added to the grid.


New FumeFX_Burn WSM allows you to affect mesh???s vertex color based on FumeFX values.
Turbulence and Forces are now visible inside the viewport even if grid is not simulated.

New Void Source helper will erase all the fields inside out outside of it (depending on the settings).

The Object Source helper now can handle multiple objects.


The Particle Source helper source now uses AfterBurn style controls.


New FumeFX Source helper now allows- one FumeFX to be used as the source for another FumeFX effect.


Added to Global Preferences Auto Synchronize Paths option, so when you change Default output path, Wavelet Turbulence, Post Processing and Preview Window paths will be changed as well.


In the Preferences dialog, you can now change the Presets folder.


The FumeFX Preview Window will now update if you rotate active viewport.


You can now change preview path right within the FumeFX UI.


You now have the option to choose any installed codec for the FumeFX Preview window.

However, some codecs will not be suitable and will generate an error !


FusionWorks Velocity has been added to the list of FumeFX Render Elements.

Many new MAXScript commands:

MXS to ObjectSource:


<maxObject>GetObject <integer>index

<boolean>AddObject <node>node

<boolean>RemoveObjectByNode <node>node

<boolean>RemoveObjectByIndex <integer>index


MXS to FumeFX:

<boolean>SetInitialStateFile <filename>filename


<filename>GetPath <string>cacheType

<boolean>SetPath <filename>path <name array>params

<void>RunSimulation <integer>simMode

<void>ContinueSimulation <integer>simMode

<boolean>SetInitialStateFile <filename>filename


<void>MakePreview <integer>start <integer>end <integer>quality <integer>width
<void>ResizePreview <integer>width


<node>GetSource <integer>index


MXS to ParticleSource

<node>GetParticle <integer>index

<boolean>AddParticle <node>node

<boolean>RemoveParticleByNode <node>node

<boolean>RemoveParticleByIndex <integer>index