Preview Window


FumeFX’s Preview Window is an incredibly helpful and timesaving part of the interface.  It is an interactive window that displays a high quality draft of your simulation results; this means that you can gauge the effect of your adjustments without having to repeatedly stop and render.  Key features of the Preview Window are its scalable dimensions, interactive auto-refresh, GPU acceleration and channel display.


You can open the Preview Window at any time from the Preview icons in either the FumeFX UI floating dialog, the Modify Panel (with the FumeFX Grid selected) or Status Window.  Once opened, you can position the window anywhere on the screen, and scale its size by clicking and dragging on any corner.



Note: If you experience problems with GPU mode, please make sure that you are using the latest graphic card drivers.


Objects - will be available only when Preview Window is in the GPU mode.


MultiView - will be disabled if grid has N-Sim sync parameter enabled and Master Grid disabled. Only N-Sim Master Grid can have the MultiView option enabled.


Draft - is available only for CPU preview mode and it speeds up preview display significantly.


Clone Image - will copy current preview image to 3ds max bitmap.


Save Image - will save current preview image to file.


Lock to Viewport - allows you to lock the Preview Window view to any viewport.


Info - lets you overlay various information on the preview window. It can be very useful to keep scene information directly inside the preview clip.